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At Maverick Performance Products, quality assurance is priority number one.

Beginning with advanced technology and selection of specific raw materials to meet key performance parameters, our national quality assurance system guarantees the lubricant applied to your vehicle or equipment meets and exceeds all stringent OEM and industry standards. Guaranteed quality assurance keeps your vehicle and equipment running in optimum condition and extends the service life of engines, transmissions, equipment and critical system components.


Maverick Warranty

Every Maverick Performance Product sold throughout the world is supported 100% by a performance warranty. Our warranty supports typical physical properties, approved product application and covers your vehicle, equipment and components from any form of lubricant related failure.

Statement of Warranty Certificate

Quality Assurance Laboratory Testing

Every Maverick manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced laboratory equipment for systematic quality control testing. Our quality assurance system begins with the testing of all inbound raw materials to confirm desired performance properties. Next, every finished lubricant blend is batch tested for target physical properties. Maverick’s laboratories test for key performance characteristics, including; lubricant viscosity, NOACK volatility, cold crank, additive composition & metals, water & sediment content, Brookfield viscosity, density, specific gravity and ASTM color.

Certificate of Analysis

Maverick Performance Products provides a certificate of analysis with outbound shipments, whenever requested. Our certificate of analysis contains primary performance properties for each specific product. Testing is conducted on retain product samples collected during the loading and/or manufacturing process. Redundant testing ensures compliance with strict industry and internal standards. Retain samples of raw materials and finished lubricant blends are kept on file at each facility for a minimum 6 months.

Strategic Technology Partnerships

Through multi-decade relationships with the world’s leading additive suppliers, Maverick products are designed with the latest lubricant technology. Proactive technical partnerships ensure we stay on the leading-edge of product development and future lubricant trends. Maverick’s technical team works closely with multiple additive chemistries to develop product formulations, proprietary technology for specific applications and deliver new, innovative solutions to the marketplace.

Technical Management

Maverick’s corporate Technical Director and Ph.D. chemist is one of the leading technical executives in the lubricant industry. Throughout a 30 year career, he has held the position of Senior Scientist for a major oil brand and has developed many new and improved products and technologies, still used world-wide.

Maverick Specialty Products are customized solutions to your manufacturing or application’s needs.

Working closely with our network of leading manufacturing partners allows Maverick Performance Products to provide our customers with a unique buying experience. Our Specialty Products are sourced directly from an integrated supply point allowing consistent control from feedstocks to the finished product. Maverick’s Base Stocks, combined with the Performance Chemicals and Additives, provide unique formulation coverage.


Naphthenic Base Oil

Maverick Performance Products offers a complete line of severely hydro-treated Naphthenic base stocks ranging from a 35 to 5,000 SUS viscosity @ 100°F.  MavNap oils provide excellent cold temperature properties, increased solvency, and very low volatility.  Applications include blended finished lubricants, metal working, transformer and refrigeration oils, explosives, forming oils, grease, rubber, adhesives, plastic, and much more.  Our experienced team looks forward to working with you to ensure the proper product placement and application match.

Paraffinic Base Oil

Maverick Performance Products offers a complete line of quality Group I, Group II, Group II+, and Group III base stocks in various viscosity grades under our MavPar product line.  High quality paraffinic stocks are used in a wide range of application including blended finished lubricants, engine oils, metal working fluids, quenching oils, way lubricants, rolling oils, and more.  Our line of select base stocks delivers application specific saturate levels and viscosity indexes ranging from 85-135.  Our experienced team looks forward to working with you to ensure the proper product placement and application match.

Performance Chemicals and Additives

Viscosity Index Improvers
Maverick’s MavVII are premium viscosity index improvers which utilize high-quality Group II base stocks for diluent and olefin copolymer polymers (OCP) to offer proven 25, 35, & 50 shear stable performance.  MavVII are used to formulate top-quality engine oils, transmission fluids and specialty Industrial lubricants.

Hydrogenated Castor Oil (HCO) is strategically stored in the gulf coast region and available in multiple package sizes, ranging from bulk to bags.  Industrial applications include polishes, cosmetics, carbon paper, lubrication, coatings, and greases where resistance to moisture, oils and petrochemical products is required.

Hydroxy Stearic Acid (12-HSA) is a surfactant and softening agent used in a wide-range of manufacturing applications and lubricants, from grease production to complex electronic devices.

Transformer Oil

Transformers Oils provide insulation for electric transformers and are used as a coolant, prevents arcing and prevents the electrical breakdown of gases accompanied by the discharge and resulting ionization known as corona.  Transformer oil is not just for transformers; it is also used in fluorescent light bulbs, capacitors and high-voltage switches.  Maverick’s transformer oils meet and exceed ASTM D3487 standards.  We offer two types of transformer oil; Type I and Type II.  Type I oil is used in equipment that does not require much oxidation resistance and Type II oil offers greater protection against oxidation through the addition of special inhibitors.

Agricultural Spray Oil

Agricultural Spray Oil is a remarkably safe weapon in combating a broad range of insects, diseases and weeds in many types of crops.  It covers a wide range of applications and optimally balances pesticidal strength with low phytotoxicity.  Maverick’s Agricultural Spray Oil meets the requirements of national organic farming organizations and pose little or no hazard to the environment, people or animals.

HVAC Heat Transfer Coolants

Heat Transfer Coolant is designed to deliver total cooling system protection and reliable heat transfer properties for most closed-loop systems, water-based HVAC systems, process heating and cooling systems and indirect and direct gas heaters and gas compression engines used in the processing of natural gas.   Formulated with virgin ethylene glycol, pure deionized water and advanced organic acid inhibitor technology, it provides ultimate corrosion protection by coating iron, steel, copper, brass aluminum and other metal surfaces to shield from acidic attack and rust formation with a thin molecular coating that doesn’t cause fouling or significantly reduce heat conduction through metal heat transfer surfaces.  We also offer a non-toxic and environmentally friendly Heat Transfer Coolant, formulated with propylene glycol.


Maverick Lubricants are designed to provide the ideal product for your specific lubrication application.

Beginning with advanced technology, Maverick Brand Lubricants are formulated with select raw materials within a stringent Quality Assurance System to meet and exceed industry and OEM performance standards. Whether you are maintaining equipment at an industrial plant, servicing your family’s vehicle or managing a preventative maintenance program for a commercial fleet, trust Maverick Lubricants to deliver maximum protection and optimum performance.


Industrial Lubricants

6000 HR Hydraulic AW Oil
3000 HR Hydraulic AW Oil
Industrial EP Gear Oil
Premium Turbine Oil
Rock Drill Oil
Way Lube HD
Ashless Gas Engine Oil
Low-Ash Gas Engine Oil
Thermal Transfer Fluid

Automotive Lubricants

Synthetic dexos1 Motor Oil
Synthetic-Blend Motor Oil
High-Mileage Motor Oil
High-Performance Motor Oil
Non-Detergent Motor Oil
MV Synthetic Transmission Fluid (Dexron™ VI)
MP Automatic Transmission Fluid (D-III/M)
Type A Transmission Fluid

Automotive Chemicals

Maverick Performance Products offers a wide range of automotive chemicals, including; power steering fluid, brake fluid, engine flush and various engine oil additives and treatments.  Our products meet and exceed industry performance standards and deliver additional value throughout the supply chain, including unique solutions to end-use consumers.

Commercial Lubricants

Ultra HD Engine Oil
Plus HD Engine Oil
Fleet HD Engine Oil
Fleet Vehicular CNG Gas Engine Oil
Ultra Universal Tractor Fluid (J20C)
Ultra Utility Tractor Fluid (J20A)
Agricultural Hydraulic Fluid (303 Fluid)
6000 Hydraulic AW Oil
3000 Hydraulic AW Oil
Ultra TO-4 Fluid
Ultra-Tac Bar & Chain Oil
Synthetic HD Transmission Fluid (TES 295)
Synthetic Transmission Fluid CD 50
Air-Cool 2-Cycle Engine Oil
Fleet MP Gear Lube
Synthetic Gear Lube
Ultra High-Temp Grease
Multi-Purpose EP Grease

2-Cycle Marine Engine Oil

2-Cycle Outboard Engine Oil is specifically designed for 2-stroke outboard and personal watercraft marine engines.  It is formulated with synthetic-blend base stocks and advanced ashless additive technology to meet and exceed NMMA TC-W3 marine requirements.  Its ashless marine formula is designed to prevent ring sticking, piston scuffing, spark plug fouling, gel formation and combustion chamber deposits in outboard engines, even those operating in high temperatures.  2-Cycle Outboard Engine Oil is recommended for direct fuel injected (DFI) and premix applications.

Powersports Lubricants & Engine Oil

As powersports enthusiasts ourselves, Maverick Performance Products offers a wide range of premium powersports lubricants that meet the specific needs of each service category and application, including 2-stroke & 4-stroke street and off-road motorcycles, V-twin motorcycles, snowmobiles and the rapidly expanding all-terrain utility vehicle market.  We also manufacture specialty engine oil, gear lubricants and aerosol chemicals.

Maverick Performance Products is proud to support private label lubricant manufacturing and packaging for many leading global corporations.

Leveraging decades of industry experience, cutting-edge marketing concepts and an advanced manufacturing network, we provide turn-key private label services that add value throughout the supply chain.

Maverick Performance Products manages private label services for many leading international companies, including:

We offer the following services within our Private Label program:

  • Label Content & Design
  • Label Review & Compliance
  • Technical Data Sheets (TDS)
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • API EOLS Product Licensing
  • Technical R&D
  • Custom Formulation
  • Product Specific Value Proposition


Maverick manufacturing facilities have on-site laboratory equipment to test key performance properties, including:

Kinematic Viscosity ASTM D-445
Viscosity Index ASTM D-2270
Brookfield Viscosity ASTM D-2983
Specific Gravity ASTM D-1250
Flash Point ASTM D-92
Pour Point ASTM D-97
Color ASTM D-1500
Cold Crank (CCS) ASTM D-5293
NOACK Volatility ASTM D-5800
Total Base Number (TBN) ASTM D-2896
High-Temperature/High-Shear (HTHS) ASTM D-4683
Oxidation Stability ASTM D-943
Demulsibility (water separation) ASTM D-1401
Rust Prevention ASTM D-665
Copper Corrosion ASTM D-130
Dropping Point ASTM D-2265
Timken Load ASTM D-2509
Four Ball EP Test ASTM D-2783
Four Ball Wear Test ASTM D-4172
Foam Sequence Test ASTM D-892